Hi, I'm Joel.  I hate writing bios. I made the stuff on this website. I’m from Alabama. I live in Chicago. I have dogs. I make music. I teach young designers. I like boots. I'm an early adopter. I look really smug in my photo because I was given that direction–it was for a work thing. Also, I can't for the life of me figure out how to stop this site from opening a new page when you click the 'home' link. I'm sorry. 
My contact info is on my résumé. 
Brands I've worked on:
Awards are overrated, unless you think they aren't. Here are some I've won:
Shorty Award
Gold Webby 
National Addy
22 Regional Addys
 The One Show Shortlist,  Silver
  2 Gold, Graphis International Advertising Annual 
2 Gold, Graphis International Poster Annual 
American Ad Federation Art Director of the Year, Birmingham 
 Gold Aster Award for best overall campaign for a medical center 
Chair exhibited in The Museum of Design, Atlanta (MODA)
 Featured Portfolio, CMYK Magazine Online 
Featured designer, The Word It Book, HOW Publishing 
Featured logo, “CMYK Magazine”, issue #35 
 NAACP Outstanding Young Professional
 PRCA , Gold Logo Award, Public Relations Council of Alabama

Because you read through all of my accolades, you win Secret Rainbow Kittah gif.    
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