Tiffin Motorhomes Campaign
An ad campaign for the leading RV manufactuer.
Kellogg School of Management
The Kellogg School of Management wanted a new website and a new brand. Here's the work we created. See credits.
Cox Fast for All Posters
Cox High Speed Internet is fast everywhere, so we made maps.
Cox Communications TV Spots
I love working on television. I hate ending a sentence in a preposition but here's some spots I worked on.
Show Posters & Album Art
Concert Posters and Album Covers
A full-scale chair designed at Portfolio Center. Featured at the Museum of Design in Atlanta (MODA.)
Jazz Fest Integrated Campaign
A campaign for the Taste of 4th Avenue Jazz Fest.
Stony Brook Campaign
An integrated campaign for a University Medical Center in NY. Used for full-size newspaper ads, subway posters and in magazines. They tell the story of real survivors (even though the shots were actors).
Salon Des Refusés Poster
A poster for the AIGA exhibition "Salon Des Refusés" (Exhibition of the refused). It was an installation of work that was rejected by clients.
I've made a lot of logos. Here are some.
Golden Rule Rebranding
A rebranding project for a BBQ restaurant looking for new franchisees. The stock market had just crashed and they were trying to convince people to invest their 401k into franchises. They never paid the bill from the agency so the work never ran. Sad.
Fart Poster Series
A visual interpretation of flatulence for a colon cancer awareness campaign.
Whole Foods Posters
Screenprinted on paper bags.
Prius College Campaign
Illustration-centric campaign for Prius. Posters were placed on college campuses.
Cookbook Design & Food Photograpy
Cookbook design and photography. I knew what I was doing with the design–not so much with the photography, but I learned a lot.
FLEXCORP Rebranding
A rebranding for a large benefits management company, in case anyone needed confirmation that I could handle some heavy corporate shizz.
TransCentra Branding & Collateral
A branding project for a major online transaction manager.
Websites, banners and social videos
Birmingham Works! Magazine Cover
A cover I created for a local magazine. The cover story was related to the death of traditional radio and how the talk format was still thriving in this uncertain environment.
Bancroft Library
One of my first commercial projects! A fundraising piece for the Bancroft Library, on the University of California campus, in Berkeley, CA. Used some interesting printing techniques for this, see in description.
Bantam + Biddy Branding
A brand creation project.
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